Dear Philippines, WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

On November 8, 2013 the whole world watched as a super typhoon hit one of the 7,000 islands of the Philippines.  Typhoon Haiyan or Typhoon Yolanda, was the largest recorded super storm in history. Rain poured and waves devoured the small city of Tacloban while winds continued to rip the roofs off of homes that were once shelters for our fellow Filipinos. When the sun finally came through, Jonathan and I watched, with heavy hearts, as the people of Tacloban picked up their spirits, their belongings, and their loved ones and decided to grow stronger as a people and nation. A few months ago we started a campaign called Portraits for the Philippines to raise money for our For Philippines With Love, a fundraiser put together by our wonderful friends Ever-Ours and Utterly Engaged,  awesome wedding bloggers with big hearts. In two weeks with the help of the entire Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter community we raised $5,000 just in portraits alone. To make our voices louder, we offered to donated one discounted wedding at $3,000 with all proceeds going to For Philippines with Love. This is proof that if you raise your voices loud enough, the world will hear and if you pour your heart into it; something amazing will happen.

These are some of the amazing souls who helped us raise $8,000 to donate to For Philippines with Love.

Thank you Henessey and Mike, for your generosity. These two giving hearts are getting married in 2015 and we will be photographing their wedding with love to honor all those who have lost their loved ones in Tacloban City. portraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportraitportrait

All proceeds have been donated to Shelter Box USA.