March 11, 2011 marked one of the most devastating days the world had ever seen.  Japan got hit by a massive earthquake, followed by a tsunami, and topped of with a nuclear plant leaks radiation into the surrounding waters making it deadly to everyone. After hearing countless news reports, reading a multitude of twitter posts from friends, and reading everyone's Facebook posts; we needed to do something!! We couldn't just sit back knowing that children are dying from starvation because the water is contaminated with radiation and mothers can't give them formula or wash their bottles out because the water is bad. Family members are separated from their loved ones, evacuation centers are running out of medical supplies, food, and shelter to help those in need. I would some nights cry thinking what if those were my family members, my kids, my husband, or my friends. A week after Japan got hit, Utterly Engaged and Ever-Ours decided to act within the wedding community and they started For Japan With Love.  A unique and amazing movement to help spread the awareness of what's happening to our neighbors around the world. They had a goal to raise $5,500 in a little over a week.  On March 31st at the end of their drive, they raised $66,733, a number that beat Boys II Men, and nearly reached Yoko Ono's donation numbers.  We joined in the efforts and did our own fundraiser to help with the efforts.

We are so floored, honored, grateful, and amazed to all those who helped Jonathan and myself raise money and awareness through our small little community by reposting on your Facebook pages, Twitters, forwarding our email to your friends.  We made the largest donation that we have ever made in time with your help. So thank you very much from the bottoms of our hearts.  All of you made our hearts explode and fill with so much joy and happiness, and made tears gush down our eyes.

Thank you to the 28 people who are participating in our For Japan With Love sessions.

We're looking forward to photographing you all during the year.  We don't know anyone in Japan, we don't have family members there; we were just compelled to do something. This fundraiser is just proof that if you want to make a difference, if you want to help someone in the world, then all you have to do is start the movement!