Shake it like a Polaroid Picture: Randomness

6465-Edit.jpg it begins!!  We just got it in the mail today and I'm filled with JOY!!  Our new Instax Mini 25 Hello Kitty Edition ( haha not Jonathan's first choice of course). I've always had a love for instant photos.  I remember being in high school owning those awesome Polaroid i-Zone Cameras. Since then I've been looking for something to replace that love of instant cameras and I found it!!

So here are a few that we've taken on the first day!!  Enjoy!!

I just had to edit these photos with more of that nostalgic feel, it only felt right.-6465-EditD31_6474-EditJonathan grabbed the photos of us that we took and he said, "WOW, we're a family of four..."  In a matter of 4 weeks our baby girl, Olivia, will be joining this crazy bunch.  We can't wait to meet her and good luck to you Olivia, especially when your dad is walking around with my headbands. Don't worry brides, he wont have this on at your wedding; unless you ask for it.D31_6479