Our first snapshots in 2010: Personal


As Jon gets ready to go shoot a wedding for one of our fabulous couples Ken and Jane at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, CA, Airis and I are getting ready to hang out with my folks for the New Year.  I love how when I tell our 5 year old girl to brush her teeth, it still is an adventure in her own mind.  Where she's going who knows, but I love how she sings, talks, and goes to her little far off imaginary place in the span of two minutes while she's brushing her teeth. Makes me think that in this crazy new decade that we're heading into; as a family our New Year's resolution should be to take those 2 minutes out of our crazy day to go and play in our daughter's imaginary playground even if its while brushing her teeth.

I love these shots I got with our Nikkor 2.8 70-200mm from the other room.D32_4459-Edit

and I love the last one especially because she got caught by her stealthy photo ninja mother!


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