Dylan and Andrea are nothing less than fantastic. They were one of our first couples we photographed when we were starting out and are so blessed and lucky to have fans and supporters like these two in our lives. Dylan is in the US Navy and will shortly be deployed for the next 14 months. This deployment will be different for the both of them, one because Dylan will be stationed on land instead of on a ship and because this is the first deployment being married. They are each other's best friends and their love will only grow stronger. We wanted to do something special for these two for their "anniversary session" so that they always remember the moments they have with one another. Doing a 40s inspired shoot was definitely something that would set the tone right. Jonathan and I wanted to recreate the feelings and the emotions that go through the men and women who are leaving their loved ones behind to fight for freedom.

This shoot was our first session for 2011 and we knew that we needed to set it off right and you know that its going to be a good one when just 30 minutes into the session you're getting in trouble with security for being on the property.

We wanted to give a special shout out to the talented make up artist on this shoot, Daisy Barajas of All Dolled Up.  She's one of our preferred make up artists and we love working with her because we know her work is consistent and amazing.  If you're a bride looking for a make up artist for your wedding I highly suggest to contact her.  She rocks!

Hair was Joanne Encarnacion from Limon Salon.  Yes me!  I normally don't get my hands involved with shoots mostly because I love to focus on photographing them, but I busted out my skills for this one.

Check out their complete session here.