Marylou + Sean: Engaged!

Happy Valentines everyone!!  We thought we would save this awesome session we shot last month for Valentine's Day because its full of warm fuzzies inside. Sean and Marylou met when they were freshmen in high school and wanted to do a shoot that resembled growth in their relationship and in love.  Originally they wanted to shoot their engagement session at Disneyland and due to travel dates, it didn't quite work out for any of us.  Little did Marylou know, Sean and I have been emailing one another trying to make her dream of a Disneyland engagement session work out, but due to a new job for Sean, time away from the new job just wasn't happening.  So we cooked up some great ideas.

Marylou called me one day and said,"I have this crazy idea, but I don't think its possible." She told me what she was thinking and we quickly responded, "Anything is possible!" Marylou was really inspired by the Pixar movie UP and wanted her engagement session to embody some of the major aspects of the movie.

She said to us, "The love story between Ellie and Carl is kinda similar to us, we met when we were really young, we watched one another grow into the beautiful people we are now, and we've come such a long way and it's just the beginning of our lives together.  We do so many things together we dream together, we laugh together, and wish to do things, but sometimes our lives just wont allow it and we still make it work somehow (just like Ellie and Carl).  Doing a shoot inspired by this movie is a reminder of the dreams we have together to grow old with one another, buy a house together, and eventually have kids. But regardless of where our lives go, adventure is out there!'

Jonathan and I are huge Disney fans and the weather on the day of this shoot, their clothes, hair and make up couldn't have been more perfect!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and don't forget to tell someone you love them!

...and this shoot wouldn't be complete if we didn't take them back to a high school when they first met.   We can't wait for your wedding Marylou + Sean, it's going to be so awesome!!