Sweet Sunday: Olivia's Birthday Party!


It's been a week since Olivia's Birthday party and we've all had some time to slow it down, just a little bit. We wanted to send a special thanks to those who provided all the yummy goodness for her birthday! Thank you Sweet Appeal for dressing up the wonderful dessert/candy bar, without you there wouldn't have been a party!

Thanks you to Sweet Tooth Confections, for providing the most moist, awesomest birthday cake ever! The cake pops were beautiful, the cupcakes were amazing, and the cake, well besides our daughter it was the center of attention. Your talents in baking and design are out of this world!  (For all you future brides out there, this bakery is a MUST CHECK OUT!!)

And thank you to Lunch with Tony,  I'm sorry we didn't get any photos of the food, the cake took all the attention and people devoured the pulled pork before we had the chance to get to it.  We had an amazing set up of pulled pork sliders, grilled orange chicken, sweet corn salad, and potatoes.  The food was just out of this world. We go to Tony's for his pulled pork sliders at least once a week, Jonathan is hooked! Thank you again!

Another special thanks to our awesome guests, without you the party wouldn't have been as enjoyable.  Thank you for coming out and sharing your love with our beautiful children. We love you all so very much!

All the photos of the dessert bar are a combination of: Encarnacion Photography, Flory Photo, and Bella Lu Photography. Thank you good friends for being there and taking some photos of everything.  Being hosts to a party is tough!

Thank you Janet of JL Photografia for taking this awesome picture of Olivia looking at her big sister!