JOANNATHAN Get's Schooled!!

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Often times in life and in everything we do we find ourselves becoming stale over time.  Maybe its because life has started to cloud our creativities, maybe its because the day to day life has gotten a little redundant.   Regardless of what it is, the only way to to become fresh again is to be re inspired.  Not too long ago Jonathan and I both had the opportunity to set up a small group for a 5 on 2 private workshop with Tanja Lippert and Tia Reagan.  We can't speak enough great things about these two.  Maybe its because 3 years ago when Jonathan and I decided to make the huge jump of starting this business she was many of the photographers we had emailed during our early years and one of the few who emailed back letting us know "we were on the right path."  That of course made us so happy to hear from someone who inspired me through her photographs. Jonathan and I are really awesome at bringing out the fun, silliness, and laughter in our photos, but there's also that part of us who wants to bring out the fire, passion, and intimate side that each couple has.   With that said we're looking forward to a lot of new things for 2011.  We're looking forward to our new brand identity which I cannot wait to launch, our new way we're approaching our engagement sessions and family sessions, and we're looking forward to just giving more of us to our clients.

Here are some of the photos that Jonathan and I have taken during this workshop.  Once again thank you Tanja and Tia for providing amazing models and the awesome hair, makeup, and wardrobe for these three.

I also wanted to give a quick HELLO to those who attended.  Quincy of Rock the Image, who's a good friend of Jonathan and myself; Kira Bautista, a Facebook friend turned friend, and Noreen, a client of mine in the salon and aspiring photographer.  Thank you guys for taking the time out of your busy lives to enjoy two days of inspiration without you this class wouldn't be possible!

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I leave this blog post with this simple phrase: TURTLE FIRE LIPS