Jaymar + Dianne: Vendor Dinner {San Francisco, CA}


It's not everyday that we have clients that throw vendor dinners prior to their wedding. Dianne and Jaymar did just that. Sometimes as wedding vendors, we rarely get the chance to enjoy a nice dinner with bride and groom, since we spend most of our time on the day of the wedding grinding. When we were invited to this, we knew this was definitely going to be something exciting for us to photograph. Being the foodies that we are, we were stoked to find out that their chefs, would allow us to photograph a little bit behind the scenes. The food, provided by chefs Josh Long and Ian de Leoz, was crafted beautifully. This was also a great opportunity for them to create their own menu, specifically designed for Dianne and Jaymar's wedding day. Photographing this wonderful dinner excites us even more for their big day. Thanks again to Dianne to Jaymar for being able to break bread with wonderful people on this gorgeous night.

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