Jasmine + Clark: Engaged {South Bay Engagement Session}

Jasmine and Clark are two people you can't help but feel a magnetic connection to their relationship. We had our share of interactions with these two, besides meeting them for our consultation the first time, we had the pleasure of seeing them at birthday parties, gatherings, and even shared a meal with these two. In many ways they remind me of us and the types of relationships we seem to be able to draw out from our clients the moment we get them in front of our camera.  They make their silly faces, the hug one another softly, he looks at her with adornment, and she holds him like she's never going to let go. Although Jonathan didn't shoot this engagement session in black and white, there was a part of me that felt that their story would be best blogged in black and white. So sit back and enjoy getting to know these two through donuts, smiles, and yummy light.

The rest of their images can be found here.