Jacob and Jesssery met during their first year of college down south, hitting it off pretty much immediately with  common interests in hip-hop and video games. Both being born and raised in the Bay, they realized So Cal wasn't really meant for them and ended up moving back home together. They spend their free time making each other laugh with stupid jokes, walking around Target buying things they don't really need, playing video games, or hanging out with their crazy dog Pono. Jacob says he will always remember the first time he met Jess. He was wearing his contacts at the time and felt like we really hit it off! When I wore glasses the next day, she introduced herself to him as if he were a completely different person!

One of their favorite memories was when Jess took Jacob to meet one of her friends in LA. They went to the Promenade, and  were drawn to the arcade. They had a huge DDR machine out front. Jess looked at Jacob, and he immediately knew it was on. They drew a crowd, free-styling a performance on Hard mode. Jess' friend still says to this day that she was the first one to see the spark.

She always makes him laugh, think and smile. She makes him feel like he's never alone.

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