Happy 6th Birthday Airis!!


6 years ago at this exact time I was in labor at Santa Teresa Kaiser with our first beautiful daughter.  I believe I was starting to pass out from the epidural at exactly this time (1:50 am on 05/05/04) not knowing that in 6 hours I would start to give birth to an amazing child. Like any parent, the roller coaster they call "children", begins the moment you hear your first cry and no matter what those parenting books tell you to expect; you really have no idea what ride you just got yourself into. In the past six years I have shed my tears of frustration and joy on the crazy ride I call Airis Alexandra, and no matter how tired that ride gets it has also been a fun one.  Now that we have our little one who turned 3 months on Monday; I can't help but look at Airis in awe and I constantly say to myself, "I can't believe Airis was that little."

On Monday, we had a day off.  We decided we weren't going to work, no editing, no answering phone calls or emails, just FAMILY TIME!! We drove our family of four up to SF on that gorgeous day and spent a few hours at Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon, located in Ghiradelli Square.  First of all I wanted to say to Amy & Chris, the owners; you guys did an amazing job!!  Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon is not only heaven for any photographer to take photos of every little detail there; but its a world of treasures and wonder for any little girl or big boy (like Jonathan) to feel like they've fallen through a hole and stepped into wonderland.  The staff is phenomenal, the tea: splendid, the experience: truly magical.

Tea time with our girls made us realize how important it is to just take a break from all the madness and busyness of adult life.  And that the world won't fall apart around you if you just slow down for just a minute.  So here's to our beautiful Airis, Happy Birthday.  I love you and thank you for being super for the last 6 years and thank you for being our constant reminder that its okay to be in wonderland.

crown&crumpet001This is seriously the ULTIMATE "candy bar".

crown&crumpet002crown&crumpet003crown&crumpet004crown&crumpet005crown&crumpet006Details, details, details... Amy & Christopher; you guys did an awesome job of filling this place with DETAILS!!! It wouldn't surprise me if 20 years from now Airis had a Tea Time themed wedding.crown&crumpet007crown&crumpet008crown&crumpet009crown&crumpet010crown&crumpet011crown&crumpets0005crown&crumpets0007crown&crumpet013I would've eaten  this cake, if there wasn't a sign that said  "DISPLAY ONLY".

crown&crumpet014crown&crumpet015crown&crumpet017crown&crumpet018crown&crumpet019crown&crumpet020crown&crumpet023crown&crumpet024Both princesses were there, this one was just napping through her tea time.

crown&crumpet025crown&crumpet026crown&crumpet027I hope all your wishes come true!crown&crumpet028crown&crumpet029crown&crumpet030