Gerry + Myette: 40 years of love

First and foremost I wanted to wish my folks a very Happy Anniversary.  I'm so proud to be the daughter of two people who have been married for 40 years.  What an accomplishment. Yesterday, in front of their church congregation blessed their marriage for another 40 years. During their luncheon Jonathan and I were sat at a table with one of their good friends from their church group. As I sat in front of this older couple I asked them how long they had been married and they answered 43 years.  We have about 39 more years to catch up to them. I had the opportunity to ask them what kept their marriage alive and if they could give a young couple married for almost 4 years any advice. Here's what they had to say.

"First and foremost be patient with one another." 

"Be humble to one another. We as people are too prideful especially in an argument. You have to learn to put that pride down so that you can learn to listen to one another."

"Communication. Always be willing to be open to each other and to listen to one another. Listening is very important in your marriage."

"Always try to resolve your argument before you go to bed. Do not end the day angry with one another."

"Don't forget that you made the commitment as God as your witness and then to each other."

and the very last one which I absolutely loved, you may laugh so hold on to your seats and remember this is coming from people who have been married for 43 years.

"Don't forget that sex is a gift from God. Being intimate with one another is something to cherish." 

Hearing this from people who were almost 3 times my age made our day. It was beautiful to hear how simple it is to stay in love for decades as long as you both are committed to helping one another learn to love each other.

And here's to my parents.  Thank you so much for being an example of how to stay strong, committed, and in love for one another.