In my 8 years as a photographer I've realized there are some clients that come, and some clients that go. Then there are the ones that become friends, and the ones that will end up holding a special place in my heart. My heart is full while editing these photographs from my recent mini session with these two.

I photographed Jason and Genevieve's wedding a little over 5 years ago. I witnessed their first kiss as a married couple on a Maui beach all the way to them becoming proud parents. On top of the mutual friends we share together, I've built new relationships and friendships with an amazing group of people who are now supporters of mine because of this couple.

I am a modest man when it comes to my work and Joanne tells me I need to put myself out there more, which is something I am not very good at. Going through these makes me unbelievably happy though, reaffirming the reason why some friends continue to trust in my vision, if that's what you want to call it, or maybe I'm just good at making people laugh.

"I want to say to you two, I truly appreciate you guys for always believing in me and supporting me in what I do. It's been such a privilege knowing you, allowing me to be there with you on your wedding day and watching your family grow. It's crazy how time flies and how we've gone from shooting wedding, to baby bumps, in home family sessions, and coming back full circle and shooting just you two again. I could go on and on about how grateful I am but I will leave it at that. I wouldn't hesitate one second to do any of it all over again. Mahalo!"