Featured: Cheryl + Dae-Jin's Nestldown Wedding on Engaged and Inspired

Back in April we shot a wedding at Nestldown in Los Gatos, CA for the first time. We were ecstatic Nestldown is on of those treasured venues that have so much life and magic that surrounds the location. We love the open air and barn feel that the venue yields. It's amazing for all you shopping around for a unique venue that has that rustic, open air, and surrounds itself around beautiful nature. A few months ago it was featured on Engaged and Inspired, an awesome blog that has inspiration galore for all you crafty brides.  Allison, editor of Engaged and Inspired will soon be opening shop to Inspired Collective a boutique shop that sell some of the latest bridal accessories, a home for bridal crafting, and a place to meet with some of the best vendors in the area.  Check out the featured wedding Engaged and Inspired's Blog.