Dylan + Andrea: Sneak Peek


Dylan and Andrea's wedding was one of the first weddings we ever shot.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we knew that it would turn into something amazing.  That wedding was picked up by Rock n Roll Bride and Kat was the first person to feature our work.  Here's a link to Dylan and Andrea's feature. Dylan and Andrea have turned out to become awesome people in our lives and we can't thank them enough for being who they are.  Dylan is in the US Navy and scheduled for a deployment in a few weeks and doing a stylized shoot with the whole 40s era in mind was just right up our alley.  Jonathan and I have a love affair for this era.  For Jon, he loves the history and richness of the military during that time.  Not to say that the wars being fought now don't have meaning, but back then soldier's fought for everything they believed in and they fought for their great loves.  For me I love the make up, the hair, the dresses, I love everything frilly and girly about that era.  Getting dolled up for your man just seemed like the the way to make your man melt in your hands.

Shooting this today just brought us back to everything we love about what we do.  Jonathan and I are looking forward to this year.  Because its going to be beyond amazing!

A special thanks to Daisy Barajas of All Dolled Up for doing the rocking make up.  Hair was done, by yours truly Joanne Encarnacion.  The dresses were from Betty Paige in San Francisco and from PinUp Girl Clothing.com.

Here are some images to swoon over!

D32_4401 encarnacionphotographyUntitled-1D32_4506 Untitled-2

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