A 30 minute vacation with Airis


Between being a full-time dad, husband, the photography, and working at Starbucks for benefits, sometimes I just need to take that break and be a kid with my daughter again. And no, it doesn't mean being a kid by playing games on my 360. In about the span of 30 minutes I went on a vacation with Airis while Joanne was at work. We "drove" to Disneyland, went on Pirates of the Carribbean, Space Mountain, rode the train, ate churros, drank root beer floats, watched the fireworks, went to Fullerton, hung out with Auntie Moeller, and drove back. She helped remind me how to use my imagination in a way that I haven't in a long time! It was so awesome, next time you get the chance to, DO IT! Use your imagination that is, and go to Disneyland.