This is how we roll

So last night/early morning/ today we gave birth to our new rebranding for the world to see and we're so excited to be able to show the world who we really are.  We've shooting weddings for the past three years now and it's definitely been a roller coaster ride.  Up, down, sideways, and upside down.  It's been so much fun.   Jonathan and I have done a lot of soul searching with our brand during this time too.  We've gone through moments of really trying to figure out Who is Encarnacion Photography.  I've changed my hair color and covered my tattoos in the beginning to make sure we "fit in", Jonathan and I put a straight face on all the time because we thought we needed to "be more professional".  It dawned on us in 2010 that we needed to be ourselves. Because being who we were as wedding photographers and who we are as individuals is a part of OUR brand. We're goofy, we're crazy, we're totally off beat and wacky.  But there's a side of us that is super soft, sensual, and full of LOOOOVE!!  Don't be fooled, just because we're in love with life doesn't mean we don't take what we do seriously.  As Rene of N Compass Cinema would call it, "We're PRO - FRESH - IONALS!!" With that said...Cheers to 2011 and beyond...and welcome to Encarnacion Photography, the playground and creative life that Jonathan and Joanne breathes!!

Rene of N Compass Cinema had the chance to capture some behind the scenes footage of us in one of our recent engagement sessions.  If you haven't checked out Rene's work, its a definite must see.  He's new and fresh and super awesome at what he does.  We've had the chance to work with him at a recent wedding and he was such a blast.  His fiance Nicole Rodriguez is also one of our talent preferred make up artists.  So if you haven't had the chance to book a videographer yet.  Check him out!! Thank you Rene for doing this for us. It totally rocks!

Encarnacion Photography from [N] Compass Cinema on Vimeo.