Favorites Of 2013

As an artist you will always doubt your work. There are moments in your journey, when you get distracted by others and you begin to compare your work, your life, and your success. In those brief moments you almost feel lost. At the end of every year you look back at what you shot, how you could've done that differently, what other "epic" composition could've came out of it. You almost torture your heart and mind by overanalyzing what you've done that you forget to celebrate the emotions that moved you to freeze that moment in time. You take a step back and you remember that your clients didn't book you because of your epic shots. They booked you for your ability to capture their life at that moment. They trusted you to document their best moments in life so that they can show their family and friends the memories and emotions frozen in that instance.

Here's a few of our favorite memories captured in 2013.